spectacle by Izadora Weiss Body Master  

This story of a Master who enclosed in his hermetic reality is trying to recreate a world with help of dancers. Choreography by Izadora Weiss.



spectacle by Izadora Weiss The Tempest  

New spectacle with choreography by Izadora Weiss.



spectacle by Emil Wesołowski Chopinart - Ballads  

Performance inspired by music of Chopin (Rafał Blechacz’s interpretation of Ballads), with choreography by Emil Wesołowski.

spectacle by Emil Wesołowski Chopinart - Concert  

Performance inspired by music of Chopin (Rafał Blechacz’s interpretation of Concert f-moll), with choreography by Emil Wesołowski.

spectacle by Patrick Delcroix Clash  

Spectacle by Patrick Delcroix, a longtime dancer and assistant to Kylián.



spectacle by Izadora Weiss Cool Fire  

Spectacle by Izadora Weiss with music by Nigel Kennedy and Jimi Hendrix.



spectacle by Izadora Weiss Waiting for...  

In our spectacle we tell of those who wait, of the tension which builds up while we wait. Tensions complicate human relations. Being together evolves constantly. Nothing can be stable if each monad expects more than it has been given, more than it can win fighting desires of another monad. Yet, our spectacle is not a philosophical treatise about Leibnitz’s and Hegel’s ideas. We use the Hegellian triad only to observe how love between two people bears its own contradictions. These contradictions create, using other people involved in the lovers lives, triangles which calm the senses and combinations of such triangles.


spectacle by Jiří Kylián Falling Angels  

Performance by Jiří Kylián to the music of Steve Reich.

spectacle by Izadora Weiss Fun  

An ironic dance fantasy about courtship, with choreography by Izadora Weiss.



Sergei Prokofiev Cinderella  

BDT’s performance by Eugenio Scigliano. Modern version of Sergei Prokofiev’s Cinderella.  It takes place at the turn of the 30th and 40 of XX century in the scenery of the factory.



spectacle by Izadora Weiss Light  

Spectacle by Izadora Weiss, inspired by Dutch painting. The choreographer’s imagination tries to answer the question about the fate of the famous Milkmaid by Vermeer, which for Wisława Szymborska became an allegory of the meaning of the world.

spectacle by Jiří Kylián No More Play  

Anton Webern’s music has a fascinating feeling of essentiality and inevitability.  Its sound and structure create captivating transparency and dynamic tension. These qualities assembled by Webern’s uncompromising genius become a source of energy which has a direct influence on anything that might be simultaneously happening on stage.



spectacle by Izadora Weiss Out  

The show Out premiered in 2010 and has been revived many times in its original form of a two-act evening. This time Izadora Weiss decided to bring out the very essence of the performance and stage it in a shortened version, so that the message about the values inherent in the world of outsiders carried across more visibly. The music of this poetical show took on a more condensed form, and the BDT dancers filled it with additional interpretation. The theme of death wandering among the people, from which there is no escape even for outsiders, has become more acute in this version, and the lament of women after the loss of those who leave in spite of the love given them remains one of the most moving scenes in dance theatre.


spectacle by Izadora Weiss Romeo and Juliet  

The story of mythical lovers takes place in modern Baghdad. Juliet comes from rich, local family and is enmeshed in contradictions between her modern education and desires and imposed on her by her tradition and culture very strictly defined rules and prohibitions. Her mother and father have no doubts that obedience is her most important duty because it is them who represent will of society and God. Her brother Tibalt, with whom she grew up, is a strict, jealous guardian who does not take into account that her desires and opinions can differ from commonly accepted norm.


spectacle by Jiří Kylián Sarabande  

Spectacle with choreography by Jiří Kylián.

spectacle by Wojciech Misiuro A Dream  

Dreams can be wise or stupid, prophetic or dadaistic, they can represent silly fear and extraordinary apocalypses. Where can you dream the most beautiful dreams if not in the theatre? Where do fantasy and impunity and human being intertwine? Numerous questions follow us on the way to the Baltic Opera where one of the most secretive of Polish modern producers presents his latest work.


spectacle by Izadora Weiss A Midsummer Night's Dream  

Another Shakespearian masterpiece in the choreographic interpretation of Izadora Weiss. This time again she rejected the established musical version, composed by Mendelssohn Bartholdy, and she looked for a composer that in her view would be closest to this whimsical, royal-ludic comedy about the mysteries of love, sex and the world of dreams. Her choice fell on Goran Bregović and his sensual, brilliant interpretation of old folk motifs, which enjoys great popularity, especially in Poland.



spectacle by Jiří Kylián Six Dances  

Two centuries separate us from the time, Mozart wrote his German Dances. A historical period shaped considerably by wars, revolutions, and all sorts of social upheavals. With this in mind I found it impossible to simply create different dance numbers reflecting merely the humor and musical brilliance of the composer. Instead, I have set six seemingly non-sensical acts, which obviously ignore their surroundings. They are dwarfed in face of the ever present troubled world, which most of us for some unspecified reason carry in our souls.




spectacle by Izadora Weiss Death and the Maiden  

BDT’s performance by Izadora Weiss, to Franz Schubert’s music. It’s a story of a Maiden who thought she could somehow plead Death, but she did not know that it’s impossible.

spectacle by Izadora Weiss The Rite of Spring  

Igor Stravinsky’s Rite Of Spring is a work commonly known as the most difficult one in repertoires of respectable ballet companies in the entire world. It takes many years of a choreographer’s work with the dancers to create a basis for an attempt to produce the massed score once proposed to Sergei Diaghilev’s company by the genius composer. Vatslav Nijinsky, the first choreographer of this ballet, created a certain movement and interpretation standard which could not be discussed almost at all for a long time.


spectacle by Wojciech Misiuro Tamashi  

During Musiuro’s performance we learn, among other things, how it feels to be a mute witness of seppuku, a Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment. According to the Japanese tradition the soul houses in the stomach and cutting it open symbolizes innocence of the suicide and showes the honesty of their intentions. The brave samurai created by Misiuro are accompanied by strong and charismatic women.


spectacle by Izadora Weiss Windows  

It's about a woman who gave her life to a dream and longing for something non-existent. Her real world, chances, emotions and people pass behind. She is unable to notice that, being so concentrated on illusion. The window she is staring through is of course a metaphor. The word Windows sends us to virtual reality tantalizing us through screens. Recently, that dangerously becomes our reality. Still, it can’t replace direct human contact,  and real feelings present between us only here and now.